All PNP dealers can exchange the tuning of your motorcycle free of charge if there is a need for it during a trip or a move. We keep your original mapping data for future needs. All manufacturers can erase your PNP setting.


A peppered engine has an exceptional approval and much higher than those who run after the biggest power because an engine must above all be reliable with a maximum of torque.


The peppering brings more torque, reveals the original power and brings engine approval which allows you to benefit from a more responsive engine than the manufacturer's basic settings.


100% Compatible with new motorcycles and used motorcycles.


All power is delivered with an extreme flow filter for Harley Davidson M8 engines and with a CVO air filter for years before 2017.


We optimize settings according to the country of destination, for example Corsica or Algeria have a setting adapted to the fuel available at the pump.


The homologated variable valve exhausts are fully compatible with our stage 1 settings.


We prefer to modify a manufacturer quality engine map rather than a third party to keep the security tables in their entirety.


It will be much easier to drive under revs while remaining lightly loaded and to start off again under strong acceleration without having had the need to downshift.


By choosing approved parts such as an exhaust, keep your original air box and opt for a KN type replacement filter or equivalent. Our Legal course is precisely designed not to increase the power of your motorcycle so that it respects the power of your vehicle registration document.


The idle is set in normal operation at 944 revolutions. If the manufacturer's standard instruction is lower, we will not modify it.


Our engine settings deliver very linear behavior for grand touring use,  unique in the market.  


After a Black Pepper Performance engine tuning, your motorcycle retains all the manufacturer parameters so that the latter can continue to maintain your motorcycle as it was originally.


The maximum speed limit is removed on the models concerned.


The PNP engine setting is stable and stored in the ECU, it does not change over time.



On engine till 1200, it is advisable to fit a Stage1 type air filter and exhausts as long as possible to benefit from better approval.

Opt for quality exhausts so as not to have a less efficient motorcycle than the original.


The iridium spark plugs sold by the manufacturer allow you to have an excellent spark on ignition and a 2 times longer life time than that of a standard spark plug.


Prefer a quality K&N type air filter or equivalent  

SP98 petrol fuel is recommended for its high octane number in order to avoid knocking of cramshafts, SP95 can be used occasionally.

When cold, it is recommended to warm up your engine before passing the 3500 rpm zone.

Always turn off your engine only after removing your helmet and gloves, , time needed to circulate the cooling oil before stopping.

The best oil for your engine is a 100% synthetic oil like 10w60. The one that comes closest and is easy to get is 20w60.

​​There are more than 200 types of different mappings on the market for about fifteen engines so it is important to take into account all the subtleties and the manufacturer's recommendations when creating a tailored mapping, not only for your configuration but also to respect the manufacturers' specifications.

Opt for accessories recommended by your specialists rather than buying parts on the internet, those with indeterminate results.

​ A stage 1 PN-P is often more efficient in general than a stage 2 with a standard setting.

Independent tuners can most certainly adjust an engine perfectly but they do not have the vocation to work in an international network and do not have the human capacity to produce thousands of motorcycles per year.

Two identical motorcycles from A to Z with exactly the same equipment, produced the same week at the factory, can have different performances on the road. The software in the engine ECU, the assemblies of mechanical parts and the final cosmetics are the reason.

STAGES 1_2_3_4

We keep the tables and the typology of the constructor in the methods of calculating the values without modifying the security.

The quality of the adjustments and the PNP adaptations in Stage 1 do not require a bench test.  

Stages 2_3_4 must be adjusted on the road or on the bench by the PNP dealer. All the settings will be modified according to the information that will be transmitted to us using specific measurement tools essential to the work that we must carry out.

Opt for an engine balance that suits you, choose a torque AAC if you like to drive around 2500 rpm, a power AAC if you have pushed to the switch zone.

Stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4 are not suitable for everyone. Indeed, an overpowered motor which rotates at the quarter of its volume, has a speed training behavior. Which means that for city and mountain use we recommend Stages 1 and 2.  

The EVOe85 stage is a dual stage 1 and is as efficient as a torque stage 2 but with smoother handling, lots of torque and fuel savings.

The homologated variable exhausts have not been designed to be marketed with Stages 2_3_4. Restrictions on hot air volumes in engine extraction will also not deliver the full power expected.

We only deliver completed settings. If our partner is not able to send us LOGs to check the complete behavior of the engine related to the high-performance parts installed, it is necessary to direct you to a solution with an automation box allowing you to have an adjustment Medium. When the behavior of an engine changes due to an AAC° for example, the power is delivered by two factors. Parts and engine tuning.  

Our current production capacity is 30,000 Motorcycles/year and we are working on larger scale solutions.