STAGE 1 POLARIS PRO-R USA , December 09, 2021

STAGE 1 POLARIS RZR PRO XP EU 2022 , September 02, 2021

Innovation is always on the move. Every year, new challenges arise for engine calibration engineers to be the first to make it work.


Autonomous electronic clamping and unclamping on all 2022 models.

Unclamping  in real time for the latest software version  of the manufacturer.


Engine torque that is available as soon as possible.

We take great care in smoothing the tables of curves, the behavior of the engine becomes round and linear.

An immediate feeling of safety, so you can concentrate solely on the road.


Every engine setting is made for your POLARIS.  

Real-time engine optimisation for the latest Polaris software.

Tens of thousands of parameters are modified remotely by decrypting and decompiling the entire original engine control module.

The modified data takes into account the accessory parts.


Our developments on POLARIS are carried out in a sustained and repetitive way on a Rotronic power bench, the tests are carried out all year round on Moroccan land, the field conditions on site are extreme before being marketed within our exclusive installers.


A unique sound thanks to the high precision of our settings, the engine runs perfectly round.


Price found 350€

All engines until 2022.

Modification of the software version of the manufacturer.

Compatible with the Digital Ranch.


Price found 600 



All models until 2022


Since 2017, Poivre Noir SA is the first company in Europe specialised in American engines to independently market their engine optimisation know-how to manufacturer's dealers.



Obligation of result.

We have modified tens of thousands of parameters to reach the Stage 1 PN-P Performance that suits you.

We have optimized your engine with great care and in perfect harmony with your mechanics.

We ensure that you can drive safely, so that you can concentrate on the road from now on.


One  Peppered/PN-P mapped Quad/SSV is reactive and delivers a dull sound, even with stock exhausts. 

Much more fun at low speed, the engine will run smoothly without any hesitation or brutality.  Its revs will be linear and without hesitation.

More than perfect driving pleasure.

Wonderful torque and power when needed, adapted to each chassis, you will be able to drive sportily without even realizing it.

As a duo, the passenger will benefit from improved comfort as the ride progresses.

Driver who wish to remain Match-Number will be able to benefit from a stage 1 while keeping a 100% original Quad/SSV, you will be free to put afterwards homologated exhaust, our mapping will adapt itself to the new configuration.

Driver who wish to increase the torque and power of their Quad/SSV can choose an open filter of the KN extreme flow type to appreciate the sound of the intake and its filtration quality in order to maximize the air filling of the engine.

We refuse to improve Quads/SSV that have an engine setting that that does not comply with the manufacturer's safety instructions. Most of the time, these settings are the result of the installation of a free download automation box and the safety tables are shifted, sometimes rendering them inactive.

Engines that have had this type of setting have suffered premature wear.  


Nobody can talk about a PN-P or peppered engine if they have never tried one ;)


A power bench measures the power at the "wheel" (whp) via a force sensor on a roller.

Once the shot is fired, the operator puts the gearbox in neutral and the power bench measures the speed at which the wheel and roller slow down, to determine the "engine" power (hp).


In a "perfect and frictionless" world the wheel once started would not change speed, and the "wheel power" would be equal to the "engine power", but the gears of the motorbike, the tyre, the chain or the belt, but also the moving parts of the dyno generate friction and the wheel inexorably slows down with the reading time, this is called the transmission loss


On a vehicle, the transmission loss is generally between 10 and 15%, i.e. 100 hp at the wheel gives between 110 and 115 hp to the engine.
The powers figures given by the manufacturer are always given "at the engine" and not at the wheel because during development, the engine power is measured on a specific engine test bench directly without gearbox or transmission.